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10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy for 2020

Top 10 cryptoUsing cryptocurrencies for online purchases has become a quite standard norm. Though there are controversies with cryptocurrency, people are still curious about this virtual currency. Using the virtual currency has some benefits too, and we probably know those benefits. The only matter of concern is the limited stock of the cryptocurrencies. Since they are limited, it is wiser to invest money in different kinds of cryptocurrencies. The most popular crypto coin in the world is known to all, and it is Bitcoin. Apart from this, there are many other cryptocurrencies. In the following section, we shall find a list of the best cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitcoin
When it comes to talking about the most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has been regarded as the best currency. With Bitcoin, you can find a chance to trade in multiple areas. In other words, this crypto coin is largely accepted in many places. You can purchase things online with this crypto coin. From pizzas to cars, you can purchase anything as you like with Bitcoin. The major goal of Bitcoin is to become the global leader in the digital currency system. It is already a global leader, as it is miles ahead than other crypto coins. From the investors, you can trust on Bitcoin. It will retain value for a long time, and it is of utmost convenience to make online transactions via Bitcoin.

2. Litecoin
After Bitcoin, people mostly invest in Litecoin. This is another crucial crypto coin that comes with many benefits in offering. The main reason to invest in this crypto coin is the high liquidity and large market cap. Investors always want to avoid risks. Thus, they search for the crypto coins that feature good returns in exchange for minimal risk. Investing in this cryptocurrency is helpful for investors. It saves your money, and it also assures providing you a good return. For its excellent market values, Litecoin has been recognized as one of the best cryptocurrencies.

3. Ethereum
Based on the blockchain technology, this was a project that had introduced smart contracts. Cryptocurrency buyers always look for currencies that have a good future. A long sustainable crypto coin is of course a good investment. The market rate may be low, but due to its long sustainability potential, it will fetch great value in the future. Hence, this is one of the best crypto coins today for investors. The ranking of Ethereum is right below the Bitcoin. It is the second most popular cryptocurrency in terms of liquidity. Another notable thing is that the crypto coin has a loyal and notable team as well as the community. The value of this cryptocurrency has been stable for the last few years.

4. BAT
In 2018, BAT was regarded as the hottest cryptocurrency. A lot of people had invested in this cryptocurrency at that time. However, the crypto coin market is known for its volatility. So, the price of this cryptocurrency has always been fluctuating. Despite fluctuating prices, it is still popular in today’s time. If you are seeking a good crypto coin for investment, this is a good option to be picked. This cryptocurrency has been utilized by the Brave Browser. They reward the content creators through this crypto coin. People who watch the ads can also get a reward in BAT. Hence, earning this crypto coin is easy. As a result, it has become rapidly popular among people across the world.

5. NEM
This cryptocurrency is a little different from other crypto coins that are available in the marketplace. It is different due to two main reasons. First of all, instead of mining, you need to harvest this cryptocurrency. Secondly, there is a proof of importance on the process that you have been following for harvesting this currency. This cryptocurrency is largely popular among young people. NEM is also a good platform for building various applications. It features excellent transaction speed. Nevertheless, the cost of the transaction is quite low.

6. NEO
If you take the cryptocurrency features into the consideration, you shall find that NEO is a smart contract platform that draws a lot of similarities with the Ethereum. Based on the blockchain technology, this cryptocurrency boasts of having a sophisticated fault-tolerant system. It is considered a highly liquid asset, and thus there is no dearth of investors for NEO. Gradually, the value of this cryptocurrency will go up in the future. So, this is a good time to invest in this crypto coin.

7. BNB
This cryptocurrency is from the Binance which has an excellent business history. The value of this crypto coin is high due to the solid business history of the creator. A lot of investors have shown their trust in this crypto coin. With the advent of time, it is going to be more popular among investors. So far, the liquidity of this cryptocurrency is quite excellent. Due to all these features, BNB has been regarded as one of the best cryptocurrencies today.

BitTorrent has acquired TRON a few years ago, and that is the reason why it has to be added to this list. This cryptocurrency has the potential to stay relevant for a long time. It has the potential to go to the level of Bitcoin too. However, it is purely a bet to invest in this crypto coin. At present, the value is not high. Moreover, the value is quite fluctuating. Every cryptocurrency experiences this fluctuation at the early stages.

9. EOS
The Ethereum network has some drawbacks, and the alternative option is the EOS. If you have invested in Ethereum, you can move to EOS to undermine the drawbacks of the Ethereum. Though Ethereum is still very popular, EOS is a good investment for the future. This crypto coin will soon take a good place in the world of cryptocurrencies.

10. Ripple
At the second last of the list, we have Ripple which is a growingly popular cryptocurrency. It is a little different from the rest of the crypto coins. Ripple offers financial settlement services, and the company has a good reputation too. Looking at the reputation of the company, you can choose to invest in this.


11. Illuminati Coin

Keep an eye out for this one. Its supposed to be the Next Bitcoin 3.0!

Many rumors are forming about this crypto, we will let you know after our extensive research into it, coming soon….


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